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South American passes

Although we rode passes in Europe these are the ones we rode in south America but should give you an idea which route we took and the height of the passes.

:Paso Cordenal Samore           1,321 mts    East-West

:Paso Mamuil malal                 1,253mts     West-East (next to volcano lannin)

:Paso Pino Hachado                 1,824mts      East-West

:Paso Chisto Redento tunnel  3,200mts     East -West

:Paso Chisto Rendento high pass  3,850mts both ways (rocky descent on Arg side but ok to climb)

:Paso Agua Negra 4,780mts                     West-East  (Best way to climb as not many go from sea level to this alt and follows good river until 4,000mts and the views get better and better)

:Paso Sico has a series of passes

: Abra Blanco                4,100mts          East-West

: Alto Chorrillos           4,555mts           East-West

:Abra Arizoro                4,330mts          East-West

: Abra Sico                     4,458mts           East-West

: Abra El Laco               4,578mts           East-West

: pass no name              4,100mts           East-West

Then from San Pedro De Atacama, Chile  – La Paz, Bolivia

: Hito Cajon                      4,665mts       West-East

: Paso Condor                   4,735mts       South-North

: Paso Sol de Mañana      4,944mts      South-North

: Paso Salar Capina          4,660mts      South-North

: Paso Caguella                  4,331mts       East-West

: Abre de Chachacomani 4,370mts    South -North

:Alto Tomarapi                  4,400mts    West-East

Then from Lake Titicaca

: Combre Copacabana       4,266mts     south-north

: Abre La Raya                    4,312mts      south-north

: pass out of Cuzco             3,780mts     south-north

: Abre Huillque                   3,712mts      south-north

: Abre Sorllaca                    4,000mts     south-north

: Abre Huayllaccasa          4,100mts    south-north Via 3,400 pass from 1,780

:Abre Saracchocha            4,256mts     south-north from 2,823mts

: Abre Huamina                 4,300mts    south-north (34mls to 4,100, 15mls then 15 mls up and down to summit.

: Abre Toccto                      4,200mts    south-north

: Abre Cochaccasa             4,525mts    south-north

: Abre Coyacc                     4,305mts    south-north

: Abre Pampachacra         4,450mts    south-north

: Abra Llamaorgo              4,700mts     south-north

: Abra Viñas                       4,550mts      south-north

: Abra Turpo                      4,800mts      south-north

: Paso Don Mario             4,760mts        south-north

: Punta Pumacocha         4,990mts        south-north

: Abra Suijo                       4,700mts        south-north

: Punta Ushuayca            4,930mts         south-north

: Abra Antecassa              4,880mts       south-north

: Abra Alpamarca             4,710mts        south-north

: Punta Fierro Cruz          4,820mts       south-north

: Abra Mio                         4,760mts        south-north

: Abra Chucopampa        4,860mts        south-north

: Abra Rapaz                     4,940mts        south-north

: Abra Chanca                   4,850mts        south-north

: Paso Pacomayo              4,540mts        south-north

: Combre Ticlos                4,230mts        south-north

The Cordilla Blanca.

: Punta Olimpica              4,890mts       west-east

: Pupash                             4,050mts       south-north

: Portachuelo de Llanganuco 4,767mts east-west


: Abre Gavilan                   3,220mts        south-north


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