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Camp spots

Finding a place to put our tent for the night is not always easy. Here are a few of our favourite camp spots so far -some easier to find than others!

Taken at Nordkapp the night before our start. Photo taken at 1.20am

Second night on the road

First wooded area since the North

Half way up a climb on a  very cold night

Great spot and an amazing sky

Waiting it out for Sharon to get better…

The day we stopped after 30 miles – first night after leaving Harstad

Camp spot on the summer solstice – photo taken at midnight

The following night at our camp spot on the beach

Camp spot on the beach with Silver and Geoff

A hidden spot in the rest area

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  1. Sara permalink
    June 19, 2012 8:37 pm

    Amazing sky spot is where Tim arrived hung his helmet in the treee and said “Wherever I lay my hat is my home”, he then left his tilley hat there in the morning!! Probably being worn by two pretty french girls by now.

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