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Donate to ShelterBox

If you want to donate click here – Just Giving

If you live in the USA and would like to donate  click here-Donate to shelter box in the USA

Either link will work from any country, The reason for the two links is that if you are a tax payer in either country more of your money goes straight to the Charity. Please note that 100% of the money given will go to the charity. Thank you xxx


During our trip we’re raising awareness and money for the charity ShelterBox which is based in Helston, Cornwall. We have chosen them as they are based locally and help people worldwide. We went to visit them and were really impressed with the work that they do. They have a large team of volunteers who can respond immediately and travel out to disaster areas.

‘Every year 35 million people around the world flee their homes because of natural and manmade disasters. Through no fault of their own and often with no warning, families lose their homes, possessions and livelihoods. Every day they are faced with a battle for survival.

ShelterBox responds instantly, providing families with shelter, warmth and dignity when they need it most. Each ShelterBox contains a specially-designed tent and other vital equipment, such as blankets, water filtration unit, cooking equipment and mosquito nets.

ShelterBoxes are stored in strategic locations around the world, enabling us to have aid on the ground within 48 hours. Working closely with other international aid agencies, governments and local organisations, our highly-trained ShelterBox Response Team volunteers ensure aid reaches the most vulnerable families and communities.

Our vision is of a world where everyone affected by disaster has access to the shelter and basic equipment they need to survive and live in dignity and safety. Your support will help us be prepared for the next disaster andensure a rapid response’

ShelterBox in Japan after the tsunami in 2011

A lone ShelterBox tent stands where an agricultural community once stood.
One of the largest earthquakes every recorded in the world created a tsunami up to 20m high that hit 400km of Japan’s north east coast line on 11 March 2011. 30 years of tsunami protection were made to look like tiny speed bumbs when the huge tsunami surge hit Japan’s coast line destroying hundreds of thousands of homes, and killing thousands of people.

Shelterbox in Haiti

Shelterbox in Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2011

Children play with a home made kite made from a polystyrene carton in Belevue camp. Nearly a year after the earthquake left 1.5 million homeless the situation is still dire for thousands of families who are waiting for a transitional shelter program that is months behind schedule. ShelterBox tents are still being distributed to those who are waiting. 09.01.2011

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