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(25) Krazy in Krakow

September 22, 2012

13.9.12 -18.9.12

They had arrived!! (Sharons mum Wendy,her sister Natalie and husband Darren and their two children Lennon and Ophelia). It was so wonderful to see them. It immediately felt like we hadn’t been away and the laughter didn’t stop – especially the giggling between Mum, Natalie and Sharon! They brought out loads of things for us from home. Tim’s sister Tracy sent loads of chocolate which disappeared within 24 hours. Tim’s mum and step-Dad Fred sent 2 pots of their  delicious home-made runner bean chutney and some English mature cheddar! Mum even brought out 2 slices of her amazing coffee cake (as well as loads of chocolate!) Needless to say we were in heaven!! Natalie and Darren even had special t-shirts made for Lennon and Ophelia – see below for a picture! They even brought out a scrabble board – with Mum being an expert in word puzzles we were in for some good games!

We spent a wonderful 6 days with them.We went to a water park (think Tim had more fun than the kids!), we had a lovely horse carraige ride around the city, visited Krakow castle and had a tour around the old city on a buggy. It was a good job we had been cycling for the last few months as we had a bit more stamina to keep up with the kids! Tim discovered that Ophelia had become just as good at ‘bundles’ as Lennon! We ate out a couple of nights and in one restaurant we were given some lego – Tim passed on some of his fine knowledge of lego building and created an Easyjet plane but the wings kept falling off. We also enjoyed just hanging out. Sharon walked into the bedroom at one point and discovered Tim and Lennon watching Baywatch in Polish…..

Tim and Darren cycled out to Plaszow – a forced labour camp during the war which is situated just south across the river from Krakow. There is not much left but knowing the history of the place Tim could really feel the weight of the horrors that had gone on. Darren is currently writing a book about the concentration camps in Poland so it was good to learn the history of it from him.  We also visited Oskar Schindler’s factory which was fascinating. He was an incredible man who took such risk. If you’re not familiar with who he is, here is a link to more information about him-

Krakow is a stunning city – everywhere we looked there were beautiful old buildings. There are many museums documenting its history.

The day finally arrived to say goodbye – it was so hard to see them go – the tears wouldn’t stop for a long time afterwards. Enjoy the photos of their trip!








P1010566  P1010639



We would like to say well done to Lennon (who is 3) who cycled all the way ‘around the block’ at home  – a 2 mile hilly route – he told Natalie  ‘I’m like Uncle Tim Mummy’ which brought tears to our eyes.  Also to Sharon’s Mum who diligently walks every evening -we are very proud of you both. We would also like to wish Darren good luck with his training – he planning to run from his home in Devon to Walsall – what a nutter! Our friend Frank McGowan has been training to do his first 100 miles on a bike most of which has been on the Tarker trail. He ended up doing 127 miles – well done Franky!

We would also like to thank everyone who has donated money to ShelterBox who we are supporting during our ride. If you would like to donate, please go to our ‘Sponsor us’ page and follow the link to our Just giving site – thank you. There is a piece about us on their website (posted 30th August) – Click here

Next installment coming soon……

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  1. Mum and Dad Pitts permalink
    September 22, 2012 4:11 pm

    Thanks for the news from Poland.I managed to read it through my tears!! it brought back memories of a WONDERFUL time love mumXXXXX

  2. Sara permalink
    September 22, 2012 7:36 pm

    Happy pictures and a young clean shaven Tim!! Glad you had a good time with them all and can continue cycling through the tears. Love sara xxx

  3. Andyr permalink
    September 23, 2012 8:20 pm

    Glad to hear your news and the difference familiar faces make to the mood and feelings.

    Just recalling Krakow now you describe it. The carriages looked good but didn’t try one. For some reason the guy in the tourist information circled the department store on the corner of the square as an attraction! The castle was good. Have you looked at a regionally centralised map yet, ‘cos Ukraine appears closer than Blighty!

    Time for Tim to grow another beard…

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